Graphic Series with Ad Panel

Pro Series

  • ​Tickercom's Commercial Series is perfect for banks, sports bars, schools, arena, and stadium venues.
  • Signage is available with or without live content services, messages can be your content or you can mix your messages with the live content.
  • A variety of three stock series in multiple sizes are available for next day shipping.

Financing available


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Simply put, Tickercom LED signs catch the eye of your target audience with sharp images, brilliant animations, and informational messages, turning their attention into revenue for your business.

Our scrolling led signs partition into multiple windows that display RGB (non-gray scale) text, graphics, animation, counters, time, temperature, and humidity, all independently. Rich effects bring your LED display presentation to life and sophisticated scheduling lets you control the message. The versatile user software fully unleashes the user’s creativity, with multiple communication methods that allow our digital signs to work easily in variable networks. 

Tickercom scrolling LED signs, sports tickers, and stock tickers are a powerful, reliable, and affordable option for any commercial application.

Commercial Scrolling LED Signs