They are easy to operate and install, and the modular system allows a variety of lengths without the custom price.

Speak with your Tickercom representative about a single sign or an electronic display network as an enterprise-wide network of message centers.

The Tickercom Pro Series LED signs are an afffordable and extremely efficient tricolor sign for displaying live content and/or your custom messages.

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  • 8.75" high x 12'3" long
  • 16 x 480 pixels

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Corner Units and Custom Sizes Available.

Pro 960

  • 8.75" high x 24'3" long
  • 16 x 960 pixels

PRo 720

  • 8.75" high x 18'3" long
  • 16 x 720 pixels

pro 480

Pro 240

  • 6.2" high x 74.5" long
  • 16 x 240 pixels

This series is a high-tech and great "bang for the buck" package that includes real compliance with low power consumption and maintenance while allowing your message to be seen from almost any angle.

Pro Series LED Signs